Setting up postage settings

This tutorial will show you how to map your local carriers, to the cariers ebay uses. You have 2 situations. Mapping for domestic shipping(shipping done inside your own country) and international shipping.

We will start with the international shipping.

1. Go to the modules page on "Sales Channel -> Ebay".

2. Click the "Dispatch and Shipping" tab on the modules page.

3. Scroll down to "International Shipping".

4. Click the dropdown below the "blendtrix carrier" and select one of the carriers you set up that will be used for international shipping. These will be separated by zones, deppending on how you set up your "Zones"(Zones are groups of contries created by you that can be used for shipping rules). The zones are written with a bold font and may differ from the ones you see in the picture below.

5. Once you selected the local carrier, a new dropdown will apear that contains the ebay approved carriers. Select one from the dropdown.

6. After selecting the ebay carrier is selected a list of countries in which you will ship using this curier mapping. Please select the countries you wish to ship to. You can select 1 or more of the countries. You must select at least 1 country or region from the list.

7. To the right of the country list you have a box in which you can add an aditional cost for extra products ordered. This value will be added to the shipping cost for each extra product added to the order.For example:

You set up the carrier to cost 3 $. You set up the additional item cost to be 2$. In that case we have the next situations:

a. For 1 product the shipping cost is 3$.

b. For 2 products the shipping cost is 5$ ( 3$ the original shipping + 2$ the additional item cost you set up)

c. For 3 products the shipping cost is 7$ (3$ the original shipping + 4$(2$ x 2 products) the additional item cost you set up)



If you have more than 1 carrier for either domestic or international shipping you cand more by clicking the "Add new international carrier" or "Add new domestic carrier" usually below the last carrier mapped and repeat steps 4-7 for international shipping and 4-5 and 7 for domestic shipping.

If you want to exclude specific countries or specific zones from being shipped to scroll down to "Exclude shipping locations". Here you can select zones, by clicking the checkbox appropriate to the zone you wish to exclude, or you can click the "Show all countries" under each zone to display all the countries of that zone and checking each individual country as you require it.

For domestic shipping just do steps 4, 5 and 7.

When you finished updating the carrier mapping click the "Save and continue" at the bottom of the page.

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