Setting up Item specifics

This tutorial will show you how to map your products specifics to ebay specifics. This example will assume the product has variations based on "Shoe size" and "Prod color" and have other features such as "Brand". Also the product will be listed in the category "Home > Mens > Boots and Shoes > Fashion Shoes".

1. Go to "Sales Channel" -> "Ebay".

2. Click the "Categories and pricing", and that click the "View Categories" button.

3. Search the category for which you wish to set up the item specifics. In our case we are searching for "Home > Mens > Boots and Shoes > Fashion Shoes" category. Save somewhere the path to which your category is mapped to the ebay category. In our case the ebay category is "Clothes, Shoes & Accessories > Men's Shoes > Formal Shoes". This category will be needed on the next step.

4. Click the "Item specifics" button.


5. In the list below, find the ebay category you saved at point 4, in our case  "Clothes, Shoes & Accessories > Men's Shoes > Formal Shoes".

6. On the row of that category click the "See Optional Items".

7. In the list that will be displayed, look for attributes similar to those your products have, in our case "Size" and "Color", and for each, select from the drop down menu the attribute that you have in your local shop for your products. If for example you have multiple instance of "Size" or "Color" or any other similar attribute, where your product varies, in the list of "Item specifics", only pick one of them to map to your own local attributes. In our case we have "Shoe size" and "Eu Shoe size". We only mapped one of these to our sizes.

8. Repeat steps 5-7 for all categories you wish to map.

9. When you finished mapping all your attributes to the ebay values click the "Save to continue" button at the end of the page.

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