Mapping local category to ebay category

This tutorial will show you how to map your local categories to the ebay categories, to be able to list your local products in those categories.

This tutorial assumes the module is already installed and set up.

1. Go to the modules page "Sales Channel" -> "Ebay".

2. Click the "Categories and Pricing" tab on the modules page.

3. If the button "View categories" is displayed, presse it, otherwise go to step 4.

4. In the table under the "Blendtrix category" search the category you wish to map.

5. If the category is not displayed, click the small left or right arrows or the number between them(that are above the table), to change to another page.

6. When you find the category you wish to map, click the drop down menu imediatly to the right and select the category that best fits your product.

7. A new dropdown will apear with some more category names, select one that is appropriate.

8.(Optional). If you wish to enable or disable the listing of indivitual products in the chosen category, click the "Choose products" to the right of your category name.

9. Click the checkbox for products you wish to select/unselect. The products that are CHECKED will be listed on ebay. The products that are NOT CHECKED will be ignored and NOT listed to ebay.

10. To the right of your chosen category, you will be able to set up some price rules that apply to ALL products in that category.

11. The first dropdown menu in the highlited area above will specify if you wish your products price to go up, specified by a "+" sign, or go down specified by a "-" sign. If you select +, that the price of all products listed to ebay, that belong to that category will be increased based on the type of increase you specify and the value you specify. You can use this to take into account shipping costs or other aditional costs that you would like to be added to the price.

12. To the right of that drop menu you have a box in which you can insert by how much you wish the price of the products to be increased or decreased, based on the rule you select in the last drop down menu. You can select either a fixed value, represented by the simbol of the currency you selected when setting up the module or the "%" sign, representing percent. The currency is usually the currency in which your products are being paid. When using the percent, the price of your products will be increased by the ammount you entered in the box.

Here is an example. Let's say your product costs 50$. You opted that all products in your category have their price increased by 5 $, by selecting the "+" sing in the first drop down, inserting 5 in the box, and selecting the currency sign. In this case, your 50$ product will be listed on ebay with the price 55$.

Here's another example. Your product costs 100$ this time. You opted that all products in your category have their price increased by 10%, by selecting the "+" in the first dropdown, inserting the number 10, in the box, and selecting the "%" sign in the second dropdown. In this case, your product will be listed with the price 110$.

13. Repeat step 6 until no new dropdown menues apear.

14. Repeat steps 5-7 for all categories on this page, that you wish to map.

15. Click the "Save and continue" buttom at the bottom of the page.

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