Create a new profile for a new type of products.

When starting to sell a new type of products, you first need to create a new profile so the module knows where to list the new products.

1. Go to the amazon module:

2. After the page loads, click the "Profiles" Button, and than click the "Add a profile to the list".

3. Create a meaningfull name for your profile(it must only contain letters, no spaces or numbers are allowed). After you add your profile name, from the "Universe" drop down, select a category that fits the products you will be selling. After you selected the "Universe" the "Product type" drop down will be updated. Select a product type that fits your product.

4. If the product has variations, follow the steps bellow, otherwise, jump to step 6.

5. From "Variant/Combination on" Select the type of variation your product has(the variant/combination options depend on the Universe and Product type you selected at step 3). After you select the variant/combination type, select what variation/combination from your local shop is mapped to the variation/combination that amazon allows.

6. Scroll through the "Mappings", and select from the dropdowns only for values that apply for your product, values like "Country of origin", "Material", "Style", the drop downs depend on the "Universe" and "Product type" you previously selected. In each dropdown you will have values from your local shop, maybe a product has a "Material"(or similar) feature, or a "Country of origin".

7. After you select the "Mappings you wish", scroll to the bottom of the page.

8. Select from "Product Key Features Strategy" a option you like. This specifies what information is being sent as the products description. You can select the "With Labels" checkbox if you wish to send the labe of the attributes/features(eg, if you select Attributes, and a product has let's say a Size and a Color, those values will be sent like this : "Size: X", "Color: Blue"). Under "Recommended Browse Node" insert the node for the type of product you will sell. Browse nodes can be identified on amazon's page. You can click this link to reach that page, than nagivate through the options the page supplies to find your browse node. From "Default Price Rule" select the type of price rule you wish.

Eg: You wish that all your products with a price between 1 and 30 to have a 4 addition to the price(maybe account for shipping). You can select Value from the first dropdown, than insert the price ranges. You can create multiple rules by pressing the "+" button right of the "Default Price Rule" row. 

You can select a latency (the ammount of time it takes for you to ship a product) in days.


9. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Save the Configuration".

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